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Make Water Taste Great With A Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Review Of The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher is designed to make fruit infused water.  Here we take a look at the functionality and performance of the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher.

After months of using a fruit infusion pitcher, we have come up with some great fruit infusion pitcher recipes.  We have listed some old standards and some great tasting experiments here.

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Fruit Infusion Pitcher


Fruit Infusion Pitcher Apple and Pear

Want to take your fruit infusion pitcher water to another level?  Click here to learn how to make great tasting natural fruit infused sparkling water

Turn Your Fruit Infusion Water Into Sparkling Water

Speeds Metabolism

Detoxifies Your System

Helps Your Heart Health

Benefits Of Drinking Water

What Is A Fruit Infusion Pitcher?

Have you heard?  Water is good for you and you should drink more of it. Easier said than done until now.  A fruit infusion pitcher makes drinking more water fun and tasty.

A fruit infusion pitcher is a great new way to make your own flavored water. The Prodyne Fruit Infusion pitcher comes with a porous rod that runs down the middle of the interior of the pitcher that you place any kind of cut fruit you desire.  This rod filled with fruit allows the flavors of the fruit to seep into the water, infusing the fruit flavor of your choice into your water.

Fruit Infusion Pitchers can be found in many home and kitchen stores.  Some places are selling them for way more than others. We have found that that some of the best prices are online.

Fruit Infusion Pitcher Stores

Regulates Body Temp

Promotes Healthy Skin

Lubes Your Joints

Keeps You Regular

Boosts Your Immunity

Speeds Recovery

Top Reasons To Buy A Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Water is good for your body and you need to drink more of it.

Fruit infusion pitchers solve the #1 problem why people don’t drink more water...taste!

Making your own fruit infusion water is more economical than buying bottled flavored water.

Making your own fruit infusion water is easier on the environment than buying bottled water.

It is fun to use a fruit infusion pitcher

You can also make fruit infusion tea.

It makes a great conversation piece at your next dinner party.

Most importantly it works and tastes great!

Glass Fruit

Infusion Pitcher

Prodyne Fruit

Infusion Pitcher

Takeya Fruit

Infusion Jug

Bodum 102 Ounce Fruit

Infusion Pitcher

Fruit Infusion

Pitcher w/ Ice Core


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Fruit Infusion Pitcher w/ Ice Core

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher Review

Fruit Infusion Pitcher Recipes

Make It Sparkling

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